来源:[J].Information Polity, 2018, Vol.23 (1), pp.1-2IOS Press
作者:C. William R. Webster , Charles Leleux
来源:[J].Information Polity, 2018, Vol.23 (1), pp.95-110IOS Press
摘要:Citizens increasingly contribute directly to the evolution of sustainable cities, in particular where new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) promise to transform urban governance into ‘Smart city governance’ and where ICTs are integrated in strategies for citi...
作者:Federico Bergenti , Stefania Monica , Gianfranco Rossi
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.161 (1-2), pp.9-27IOS Press
摘要:This paper introduces an instantiation of the constraint logic programming scheme called CLP(PolyFD) in which variables take values from finite subsets of the integers and constraints are expressed as equalities, inequalities, and disequalities of polynomials with integer coeffic...
作者:Yang Ming , Yumin Wang
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.160 (4), pp.409-445IOS Press
摘要:Proxy signature is extension of the standard signature, in which the original signer can delegate his or her signing capability to proxy signer in such a way that the latter can sign messages on behalf of the former. Certificateless cryptography eliminates the need of certificate...
作者:Roberto Micalizio , Gian Luca Pozzato
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.161 (1-2), pp.163-189IOS Press
摘要:The paper presents a methodology to revise a Description Logic knowledge base when exceptions are detected. The approach exploits concepts and results from techniques developed for debugging Description Logic terminologies. Debugging an inconsistent terminology amounts to id...
作者:Mauro Ferrari , Camillo Fiorentini , Alberto Momigliano
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.161 (1-2), pp.1-7IOS Press
摘要:In this brief note, we outline Mario Ornaghi’s contributions to the field of computational logic to celebrate his 70 th birthday.
作者:Federico Chesani , Paola Mello , Riccardo De Masellis ...
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.161 (1-2), pp.75-111IOS Press
摘要:The capability to store data about Business Process (BP) executions in so-called Event Logs has brought to the identification of a range of key reasoning services (consistency, compliance, runtime monitoring, prediction) for the analysis of process executions and process models. ...
作者:Mehdy Roayaei , MohammadReza Razzazi
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.160 (4), pp.447-463IOS Press
摘要:We consider an augmentation problem to establish point-to-point connectivity on unweighted graphs where there is no restriction on choosing the augmenting edges (arcs). Given a directed (an undirected) graph G and set P = {( si , ti ) : 1 ≤ i ≤ m } of p...
作者:Martin Sticht
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.161 (1-2), pp.191-218IOS Press
摘要:Dialogical games as introduced by Lorenzen and Lorenz describe a reasoning technique for intuitionistic and classical predicate logic: two players (proponent and opponent) argue about the validity of a given formula according to predefined rules. If the proponent has a winni...
作者:Qingzhao Kong , Weihua Xu
来源:[J].Fundamenta Informaticae, 2018, Vol.160 (4), pp.385-408IOS Press
摘要:Rough set theory is one of the most important tools for data mining. The covering rough set (CRS) model is an excellent generalization of Pawlak rough sets. In this paper, we first investigate a number of basic properties of two types of CRS models. Especially, we study the opera...


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