作者:Jochen Bundschuh
来源:[B].Sustainable Energy Developments2021CRC出版社
摘要:This book describes the geothermal potentials of some hydrocarbon reservoirs. It explains the design differences of hydrocarbon and geothermal wells and the different stimulation methods used in hydrocarbon and geothermal exploitation. The methods of heat extraction and electric ...
作者:Roy Henderson , Karl Schulmeister
来源:[B].CRC Press2021CRC出版社
摘要:Covering both practical safety issues and the principles of quantitative hazard assessment, Laser Safety provides comprehensive guidance on the application of European, US, and international laser safety standards for laser product classification compliance and user safety. This ...
作者:Karthik Ram , Scott Chamberlain , Carl Boettiger ...
来源:[B].Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series2020CRC出版社
摘要:A comprehensive range of topics is covered in this book enabling researchers to benefit from open data so that their own research data is easily accessible permitting others the ability to replicate their work. R is already one of the most widely used statistical tools in th...
作者:Alex Damarjian
来源:[B].CRC Press2020CRC出版社
摘要:This book is a guide that will take students and professionals from applying to and moving up through each level of the game industry. From student to Art Director the reader will learn about the various positions and skillsets within the game industry as well as how to create th...
作者:Tsuyoshi Ishida , Joseph Labuz
来源:[B].Geomechanics Research2020CRC出版社
摘要:Rock stress and rock damaging are some of the main obstacles encountered when designing and constructing engineering projects with rock. This book will provide a basis to interpret acoustic emission (AE) as damage processes in stressed rock, with applications to stress measu...
作者:Luca Saba
来源:[B].CRC Press2020CRC出版社
摘要:Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique used in biomedical imaging and radiology to visualize internal structures of the body. Because MRI provides excellent contrast between different soft tissues, the technique is especially useful for diagnostic imaging of the bra...
作者:Christopher M Milroy , Helen L Whitwell
来源:[B].CRC Press2020CRC出版社
摘要:Twenty-five years have passed since Cyril Polson last updated his classic text Essentials of Forensic Medicine . This much anticipated edition maintains the distinctive and popular case-based approach of the original editions, but thoroughly revised to reflect modern twenty-first...
作者:David P Jenkins , Andrew Peacock , Sophie Simpson
来源:[B].CRC Press2019CRC出版社
摘要:What are the limits for well-designed building performance models? Should we move away from the "modelled versus measured" debate and instead use models to compliment, not replace, real energy performance data? Building performance models and simulation play an increasingly impor...
作者:Serge Leroueil , Luciano Picarelli
来源:[B].CRC Press2019CRC出版社
摘要:Slope instability is a major problem in many parts of the world. It has affected both the safety of people and that of constructions such as buildings, roads and dams. In order to prevent, assess consequences of or mitigate landslides, a good understanding of the phenomenon is vi...


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