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作者:Ian Bache , Matthew Flinders
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Social and Political Science2015EE
摘要:Generations of law and economics scholars have been fascinated by history, seeing in its institutions and laws a vast database for illustrating their theories. Equally, historians have seen economic analysis as a helpful tool with which to analyse legal institutions. As a result ...
作者:John B. Davis , Asimina Christoforou
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2013EE
摘要:The economics of social institutions has been a well-established research field for over a century, one that continues to expand and to develop new areas of investigation. Here Professor Davis and Dr Christoforou review the most significant contributions by leading figures in thi...
作者:Reuven S. Avi-Yonah
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2016EE
摘要:In the last twenty years a critically important debate has dominated international tax scholarship: whether an international tax regime exists and if countries are constrained by it within their own tax legislation. This debate has had major implications on the current post-finan...
作者:Oded Galor
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2009EE
摘要:In this innovative research review, Oded Galor assesses some of the most influential contributions to the modern literature on income distribution and economic growth. Initially the review analyses the importance of inequality and development, past and present. Further, it explor...
作者:J. Harold Mulherin
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2012EE
摘要:This significant collection of articles comprises seminal works in recent empirical research on mergers and acquisitions. The papers provide a detailed analysis of fundamental questions such as the sources of gains in mergers and acquisitions, the role of activists in the takeove...
作者:Stanley J. Paliwoda , John K. Ryans, Jr.
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Business2008EE
摘要:This authoritative research review presents the most important articles and papers published in the field of international marketing during the last thirty years. It includes both classic articles as well as cutting-edge papers from the new breed of top researchers informed by th...
作者:Louis-Philippe Rochon , Sergio Rossi
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2017EE
摘要:This research review offers an examination and discussion of the seminal contributions by many prominent scholars in the heterodox tradition of post-Keynesian economic thought. The authors explore methodological issues – showing the contrast with orthodox thinking on fundame...
作者:Claire A. Hill , Brett H. McDonnell
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2016EE
摘要:Scholarly analysis of corporate law in the United States has come to be dominated by an economic approach. Professor Hill and Professor McDonnell here discuss seminal articles which represent major milestones along the road that economics has traveled in coming to play this centr...
作者:Lourdes Benería , Ann Mari May , Diana Strassmann
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2011EE
摘要:This important selection of articles shows how feminist economics has illuminated our understanding of topics such as household decision-making, the care economy, globalization, the feminization of the labour force, macroeconomics, trade, development, and international migration....
作者:Inge Kaul
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2016EE
摘要:Global and transnational challenges figure ever more prominently on national and international policy agendas and are increasingly analysed as global public goods (GPGs). This research review, which includes contributions by eminent scholars from a wide range of academic discipli...


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