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作者:Lorraine Eden
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Economics2019EE
摘要:This authoritative research review discusses the most influential papers relating to the economics of transfer pricing. The piece notably covers the topic of transfer pricing in light of divisionalization, government regulations, bargaining models, market distortions and product ...
作者:Curtis A. Bradley
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2019EE
摘要:This insightful research review provides an analysis of the modern literature on foreign relations law. The topics explored include; the history of foreign relations law, the role of the courts in adjudicating foreign affairs disputes, executive power over foreign affairs, the do...
作者:Fausto Pocar
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2019EE
摘要:This timely literature review analyses the most influential legal scholarship on the enforcement of human rights at institutional level, both regional and international. It includes discussion of charter-based and reporting monitoring procedures as well as the role of high c...


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