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作者:Wallace F. Marshall
来源:[B].Colloquium Series on Quantitative Cell Biology2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:For the past decade or more, much of cell biology research has been focused on determining the key molecules involved in different cellular processes, an analytical problem that has been amenable to biochemical and genetic approaches. Now, we face an integrative problem of unders...
作者:Steven H. Low , R. Srikant
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Communication Networks2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:The congestion control mechanism has been responsible for maintaining stability as the Internet scaled up by many orders of magnitude in size, speed, traffic volume, coverage, and complexity over the last three decades. In this book, we develop a coherent theory of congestion con...
作者:Tobias Preusser , Robert M. Kirby , Torben Pätz ...
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Visual Computing2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:In image processing and computer vision applications such as medical or scientific image data analysis, as well as in industrial scenarios, images are used as input measurement data. It is good scientific practice that proper measurements must be equipped with error and unce...


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