Morgan & Claypool 出版社
作者:Teri L. Piatt , Kyle E. Laferty , Richard C. Dorf
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Electrical Engineering2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:This workbook integrates theory with the concept of engineering design and teaches troubleshooting and analytical problem-solving skills. It is intended to either accompany or follow a first circuits course, and it assumes no previous experience with breadboarding or other lab eq...
作者:Bernd Steinbach , Christian Posthoff , Mitchell A. Thornton
来源:[B].Synthesis Lectures on Digital Circuits and Systems2017Morgan & Claypool 出版社
摘要:The Boolean Differential Calculus (BDC) is a very powerful theory that extends the basic concepts of Boolean Algebras significantly. Its applications are based on Boolean spaces 𝔹 and 𝔹ⁿ, Boolean operations, and basic structures such as Boolean Algebras and Boolean Ri...


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