作者:Stephen H. Richmond
来源:[B].Perception of Beauty2017InTechOpen
摘要:A consideration of the perception of beauty immediately bridges the subjective and objective. To what extent is beauty residing in the object and to what extent is it a property of the subjectivity of the perceiver? Is beauty an objective feature of the object, like color, f...
作者:Francesca Felicia Caputi, Sanzio Candeletti and Patrizia Romualdi
来源:[B].Neuroblastoma - Current State and Recent Updates2017InTechOpen
摘要:Neuroblastoma is an embryonal extracranial solid tumor originating from undifferentiated neural crest cell and it is the most common among children. Neuroblastoma is highly heterogeneous, and on these bases different outcomes are observed across the subtypes. Its clinical impact ...
作者:Ulrich Massing, Sveinung G. Ingebrigtsen, Nataša Škalko-Basnet and Ann Mari Holsæter
摘要:Conventional liposome preparation methods bear many limitations, such as poor entrapment efficiencies for hydrophilic drugs, batch size limitations, and limited options for aseptic manufacturing. Liposome preparation by dual centrifugation (DC) is able to overcome most of th...
作者:Kunjal Agrawal, Vishwa Vyas, Yamnah Hafeji and Rajeev K. Tyagi
摘要:The material world has been getting prone toward infectious diseases, and therefore novel strategies should be devised to treat chronic infectious disorders. The translational biomedical research scientists made early attempts to develop mouse-human chimera (humanized mouse)...
作者:Fatma Zehra Fidan
来源:[B].Perception of Beauty2017InTechOpen
摘要:This study aims to determine the way that the women who define themselves as religious Muslims dress and act in a manner that evokes femininity at home. During the study, focus group interviews were held with 10 religious women (9 veiled, 1 non-veiled), and in-depth intervie...
作者:Jennifer L. Rennels and Kirsty M. Kulhanek
来源:[B].Perception of Beauty2017InTechOpen
摘要:Across the first year, most infants have approximately 2.5 times more social interactions with women than men. There is evidence that because of this differential experience, infants develop a cognitive representation for human faces that is weighted toward female-like and a...
作者:Gian Paolo Tonini
来源:[B].Neuroblastoma - Current State and Recent Updates2017InTechOpen
摘要:It is widely accepted that neuroblastoma origin from Neural Crest Cells (NCC). NCC is a group of embryonic cells located in proximity to neural tube. During the embryonic development they migrate to generate the ganglia of sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal medulla. More ...
作者:Johanna D’Agostino and Marek Dobke
来源:[B].Perception of Beauty2017InTechOpen
摘要:In the world of plastic surgery, misconceptions may lead to irrational requests or outcomes not appreciated by patients. Those who manage aesthetics should always listen and recognize the variability of cultural identities, desires, attitudes, anxieties and uncertainties of ...
作者:Namig Hasanov
来源:[B].Quantum-dot Based Light-emitting Diodes2017InTechOpen
摘要:Quantum dots are very promising candidates to enhance the performance of hybrid devices. Their size-dependent wavelength tunability owing to quantum size effect, narrow full width at half maximum, high quantum yield, and several other optoelectronic properties enable their use as...
作者:Raquel Cascales
来源:[B].Perception of Beauty2017InTechOpen
摘要:Scientific discoveries of neuroscience are apparently explaining all the mysteries of the human brain. In particular, great advances have been made in the field of the perception of beauty. However, historical‐philosophical revision, such as the one I carry out in this chapt...


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