作者:Ol’ha O. Brovarets’ and Dmytro M. Hovorun
来源:[B].Mitochondrial DNA - New Insights2018IntechOpen
摘要:In this chapter, we formulate basic physico-chemical principles that define the microstructural nature of the origin of the spontaneous incorporation and replication point errors—transitions and transversions—arising during DNA biosynthesis. At this point, we relied on the f...
作者:Yoko Kato
来源:[B].Highlights on Hemodynamics2018IntechOpen
摘要:In the human placenta, fetal blood circulates in the blood vessels of the villous tree while maternal one circulates in the intervillous space, the surroundings of the villous tree. Previously, the computational model of the villous tree, whose stem villi actively contract becaus...
作者:Stefania Rizzo and Lothar Stempniewski
来源:[B].Earthquakes - Forecast, Prognosis and Earthquake Resistant Construction2018IntechOpen
摘要:During recent seismic events (2016 in central Italy, 2014 in China’s Ludian County, etc.), masonry structures have shown their vulnerability to in plane actions. A lot of retrofitting solutions are today available to increase the in-plane resistance of existing masonry walls...
作者:Abdelwaheb Aydi
来源:[B].Fuzzy Logic Based in Optimization Methods and Control Systems and Its Applications2018IntechOpen
摘要:Landfill site selection should take into account a wide range of alternative and evaluation criteria in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This study presents a geographic information systems-based multicriteria site selection of municipal solid waste (MSW) land...
作者:Yee Ho Chai, Suzana Yusup, Vui Soon Chok and Sonny Irawan
摘要:Performance issues of vegetable oil or bio-based oil drilling fluids are generally inferior as compared to synthetic based drilling fluids. This chapter focuses largely on thermal conductivity and rheological properties of bio-based oil drilling fluid as its core issues. Unstable...
作者:Meda Sandra Orasan, Andrei Coneac and Iulia Ioana Roman
摘要:This chapter outlines the clinical approaches for alopecic patients that are reliable in practice. We discuss three different categories of hair evaluation options: invasive methods (biopsy), semi-invasive methods (trichogram) and noninvasive methods. Besides describing the curre...
作者:Katarzyna Wize, Wojciech Kozubski and Jolanta Dorszewska
来源:[B].Dopamine - Health and Disease2018IntechOpen
摘要:Parkinson’s disease (PD) is divided into early-onset (EOPD) occurring at the age of fewer than 45 years of age and late-onset PD (LOPD) above 45 years of age. EOPD accounts for 5–10% of all the cases with PD. It is thought that occurrence in this age is connected with geneti...
作者:Eva Banowati and Satya Budi Nugraha
来源:[B].Plant Competition in Cropping Systems2018IntechOpen
摘要:The potential forestland for agroforestry implementation in Indonesia is teak forest (Tectona grandis). The teak forest is less dense during the dry season, allowing sunlight to enter through the trees gap to the ground under the canopy. Therefore, some people use that condi...
作者:Shahnaz Begum, Md Jamil Hossain, Li Juan Gu and Chang Keun Sung
摘要:The hair follicle (HF) is remarkable for its dynamic structure and one of the most prominent mini organs of the skin. The most visible end product formed by the hair follicle known as “hair shaft”- a tissue with a highly keratinized protein. Therefore, alopecia or baldness i...


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