作者:Andrêssa Silva Fernandes, Tatiele Casagrande do Nascimento, Eduardo Jacob-Lopes, Veridiana Vera De Rosso and Leila Queiroz Zepka
来源:[B].Progress in Carotenoid Research2018IntechOpen
摘要:Currently, 1178 natural carotenoids have been properly characterized and reported in the literature, which present a huge structural diversity and physicochemical properties. This number comprises a wide distribution of these biomolecules in approximately 700 source organism...
作者:Leire Ruiz-Rubio, Leyre Pérez-Álvarez, Beñat Artetxe, Juan M. Gutiérrez-Zorrilla and José Luis Vilas
来源:[B].Shape-Memory Materials2018IntechOpen
摘要:Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are polymeric materials that are capable of fixing temporary shape and recovering the permanent shape in response to external stimuli. In particular, supramolecular interactions and dynamic covalent bond have recently been introduced as temporary swit...
作者:Zikhona Tshemese, Siphamandla C. Masikane, Sixberth Mlowe and Neerish Revaprasadu
来源:[B].Recent Advances in Ionic Liquids2018IntechOpen
摘要:For over a decade, ionic liquids (ILs) have attracted enormous attention from scientists across the globe. The history of these compounds traces back to 1914 where the inception of the first IL with a melting point of 12°C was made. Years later, a progression of the remarkab...
作者:Inka Mueller and Claus-Peter Fritzen
来源:[B].Structural Health Monitoring from Sensing to Processing2018IntechOpen
摘要:In the chain from sensing to information extraction, there are many traps where errors can occur, which might lead to false alarms and therefore leave us with the impression of an unreliable system. In this chapter, we deal with the important first element of the chain, the ...
作者:Elena Stashenko and Jairo René Martínez
来源:[B].Potential of Essential Oils2018IntechOpen
摘要:A network of research groups has carried out a bioprospective study of Colombia’s vegetal biodiversity, with focus on aromatic plants. This chapter presents results on the chromatographic analysis of flower fragrances and essential oils obtained from vegetal material collect...
作者:Denys Kurinnyi, Stanislav Rushkovsky, Olena Demchenko and Mariya Pilinska
来源:[B].Progress in Carotenoid Research2018IntechOpen
摘要:The chapter is devoted to study the effects of astaxanthin on the frequency of chromosomal aberrations and the level of DNA damages in human peripheral blood lymphocytes under ionizing radiation exposure in vitro. To achieve the purpose of the research, a combination of classical...
作者:Leonardo F. Jurado and Diana M. Palacios
摘要:One in three people in the world is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and 10% of infected individuals will develop the disease at any time in their lifetime. Today, despite the advances in diagnosis and treatment, tuberculosis (TB) remains as one of the biggest challenges...
作者:Paulo Ricardo dos Santos Meira, Ilana Trombka and Daniele Carvalho Calvano Mendes
来源:[B].Selected Issues in Global Health Communications2018IntechOpen
摘要:This chapter aims to show how a breast cancer campaign can be successfully planned and how the expected results can be achieved, in accordance with the best practices of health communication under the social marketing paradigm. The case study is the Pink October (month dedic...
作者:Kaiyue Liu, Wenhao Bo, Lina Wang, Rongling Wu and Libo Jiang
来源:[B].Next Generation Plant Breeding2018IntechOpen
摘要:Most traits important to agriculture, biology, and biomedicine are complex traits, determined by both genetic and environmental factors. The complex traits that change their phenotypes over different stages of development are called dynamic traits. Traditional quantitative trait ...
作者:Héctor Enrique Jaramillo Suárez, Nelly Alba de Sanchez and Julian Arnaldo Avila Diaz
来源:[B].Powder Technology2018IntechOpen
摘要:This chapter presents the process for obtaining titanium carbides (TiC) from elemental powders of titanium dioxide, aluminum, and graphite by means of the mechanical alloying technique, using a semi-industrial attritor mill. Three grindings were performing: a wet, a dry, and...


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