作者:Radwa Ali Mehanna
来源:[B].Mesenchymal Stem Cells - Isolation, Characterization and Applications2017InTechOpen
摘要:A prerequisite before dealing with any cell type is to identify it and isolate it from the heterogeneous cell population that it belongs to. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) can be found in nearly all tissues and are mostly located in perivascular niches.
作者:Yasuaki Hayashi and Akio Sanpei
来源:[B].Ellipsometry - Principles and Techniques for Materials Characterization2017InTechOpen
摘要:The size and refractive index of particles can be analyzed through the measurement of polarization state of scattered light. The change of polarization state in Mie scattering has been represented by ellipsometric parameters, Ψ and Δ, like the reflection ellipsometry. The an...
作者:Maria-José González-Valenzuela
来源:[B].Learning Disabilities - An International Perspective2017InTechOpen
摘要:This chapter intends firstly to analyze the problem of identifying learning disabilities, from the standpoint of competing diagnostic models. The controversy between different models for identifying learning disabilities was presented, contrasting the characteristics of diag...
作者:Jiří Náprstek and Cyril Fischer
摘要:The stochastic resonance (SR) is the phenomenon which can emerge in nonlinear dynamic systems. In general, it is related with a bistable nonlinear system of Duffing type under additive excitation combining deterministic periodic force and Gaussian white noise. It manifests as a s...
作者:Rakhmetkazhy Bersimbaev and Olga Bulgakova
摘要:Many published data have demonstrated the potential of radon exposure to induce biological damage. All these studies suggest that exposure to radon and its progeny can represent a significant public health risk. Radon exposure is considered as the second cause of lung cancer and ...
作者:Kimberly A. Heinemann, Heather Bolanos and Jennifer S. Griffin
来源:[B].Learning Disabilities - An International Perspective2017InTechOpen
摘要:The content included in the current chapter centers around the screening and identification of students who experience learning challenges in an educational setting in the United States of America. The specific learning challenges discussed will focus on students who may have a s...
作者:Chien-Yuan Han, Yu-Faye Chao and Hsiu-Ming Tsai
来源:[B].Ellipsometry - Principles and Techniques for Materials Characterization2017InTechOpen
摘要:Photoelastic modulator (PEM)-based ellipsometry employed either lock-in amplifiers or the Fourier analysis technique to obtain the ellipsometric parameters almost in real-time that makes the system with a feature of fast measurement speed, higher stability, and sensitivity a...
作者:Ken-ichi Yano and Keiko Morotomi-Yano
来源:[B].Protein Phosphorylation2017InTechOpen
摘要:Exposure of living organisms to short electric pulses is widely utilized in the life sciences, for example, for DNA transfection. Recent advances in electrical engineering have enabled the production of extremely short electric pulses in the range of nanoseconds, namely, nan...


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