作者:Maurizio Ciani , Laura Canonico , Lucia Oro ...
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2020Elsevier
摘要:In alcoholic beverages, the complex microbial activities are determinant for the production of metabolites that affect the overall organoleptic properties. Inoculated fermentations using selected starter cultures of Saccharomyces is widely believed one of the most important advan...
作者:K.D.P.P. Gunathilake
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2020Elsevier
摘要:This chapter overviews the emerging technologies that can be used to improve bioactive concentration in functional beverages in order to increase their efficacy. A variety of techniques have been studied for the improvement of the bioactive profile in functional beverages to enha...
作者:Jitka Annen , Steven Laureys , Olivia Gosseries
来源:[B].Elsevier Health Sciences2020Elsevier
摘要:Patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC) suffer from awareness deficits. Comorbidities such as motor disabilities or visual problems hamper clinical assessments, which can lead to misdiagnosis of the level of consciousness and render the patient unable to communicate. Objec...
作者:Santanu Malakar , Sanjib Kr Paul , K.R. Jolvis Pou
来源:[B].Elsevier Inc.2020Elsevier
摘要:Biotechnology has played a significant role in the development of beverage production. Improvement of functional beverages, flavor enhancement, bio-preservation, probiotics, value addition, and enzyme modification for the production of beverages are some of the examples where mod...
作者:Avik Halder , Stefan Vajda
来源:[B].Elsevier Science & Technology2020Elsevier
摘要:This chapter focuses on synchrotron-based characterization of well-defined cluster-based catalysts, with main focus on in situ characterization of size and composition selected subnanometer under reaction conditions by using X-ray absorption and scattering techniques, linked to t...
作者:Kyle T. Mitchell , Philip A. Starr
来源:[B].Elsevier Health Sciences2020Elsevier
摘要:Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a technique for invasive subcortical neuromodulation using a totally implantable permanent device. DBS is an effective therapy for movement disorders and is under investigation for the treatment of many other conditions including Tourette synd...


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