作者:Gregg Colon
来源:[B].Otolaryngology Research Advances2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This compilation focuses on Ototoxicity, the adverse pharmacological reaction affecting the inner ear or auditory nerve, characterized by cochlear or vestibular dysfunction. Although ototoxic medications play an essential role in modern medicine, they can cause harm and lead to s...
作者:Ernest Clark
来源:[B].Month in Review2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This book is a comprehensive compilation of all reports, testimony, correspondence and other publications issued by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) during the month of December, grouped according to topics. This book is focused on the following topics:· Agricultur...
作者:Alfred A. Bertelsen
来源:[B].Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Post Genomic Era2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This compilation focuses on the CRISPR/Cas9 system, a genome editing tool that has been hailed as the most profound molecular biology discovery in the past decade. By employing the natural process of bacterial immunity towards bacteriophages, the tool allows researchers to precis...
作者:Austin B. Cisneros
来源:[B].Human Anatomy and Physiology2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Body temperature regulation refers to processes of heating and cooling that an organism uses to control its temperature. Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different....
作者:William D. Nelson
来源:[B].Advances in Business and Management2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Advances in Business and Management. Volume 17 first aims to analyze the three most significant dimensions of the current technological development of the economy and society: analytics, intelligence, and ethics.Next, this collection introduces the concept of digital disruption, ...
作者:Leon V. Berhardt
来源:[B].Advances in Medicine and Biology2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:In this compilation, the authors first describe the combined negatively-biased and unbiased cocaine conditioning procedure, aiming to study the potential influence of the initial spontaneous exploratory bias on subsequent cocaine conditioning.Next, the authors perform a critical ...
作者:Logan Cochrane
来源:[B].Political, Economic and Security Issues of Africa2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:There have been significant social, economic and political changes in in Ethiopia in recent decades. Healthcare coverage has rapidly expanded but much progress is still needed; access to education has improved but there are questions of quality and employment; macro-economic...
作者:Doyle Keller
来源:[B].Political Science and History2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This book is a compilation of reports on the Middle East. Chapters 1 and 2 discuss the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s relations with the United States, its stability, and its future trajectory. Iraq’s government declared military victory against the Islamic State organization (IS...
作者:John S. C. Abbott
来源:[B].Historical Figures2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:It would be difficult to find, in all the range of the past, a man whose career has been so full of wonderful and exciting vicissitude as that of Louis Philippe. His life covers the most eventful period in French history. The storms of 1789 consigned his father to the guillotine,...
作者:Anne D. Simonsen
来源:[B].American Political, Economic, and Security Issues2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This book is a comprehensive compilation of all reports, testimony, correspondence and other publications issued by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) during the month of May, grouped according to the topic: Government Operations.


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