作者:Milena Čukić Radenković
来源:[B].New Developments in Medical Research2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Depression is a serious problem. Serious problems often need a complex solution. In her description of novel approaches to treating depression, Dr. Čukić is summarizing her results from the beginning of her scientific endeavor. As an engineer of electronics with a strong bac...
作者:Roger L. Cuadra
来源:[B].Expressive Arts Therapies2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Understanding Creativity: Past, Present and Future Perspectives explores the symbiotic relationship between culture and creativity, particularly exploring how resources and cultural values within a society can foster or hinder creativity.Next, this compilation proposes a new...
作者:Jacob Abbott
来源:[B].Historical Figures2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:The word khan is not a name, but a title. It means chieftain or king. It is a word used in various forms by the different tribes and nations that from time immemorial have inhabited Central Asia, and has been applied to a great number of potentates and rulers that have from time ...
作者:Ram U. Verma
来源:[B].Mathematics Research Developments2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This monograph is aimed at presenting “Next Generation Newton-Type Methods,” which outperform most of the iterative methods and offer great research potential for new advanced research on iterative computational methods. This monograph provides readers with a unique presenta...
作者:Yilun Shang
来源:[B].Physics Research and Technology2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This book gathers state-of-the-art advances on harmonic oscillators including their types, functions, and applications. In Chapter 1, Neetik and Amlan have discussed the recent progresses of information theoretic tools in the context of free and confined harmonic oscillator. Conf...
作者:Lowell T. Duncan
来源:[B].Advances in Health and Disease2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Advances in Health and Disease. Volume 13 begins by examining how lipid abnormalities in chronic kidney disease attract continuous attention due to their unclear involvement in chronic kidney disease patient outcomes. If kidney function declines, inflammation and oxidative stress...
作者:Mark S. Kemp
来源:[B].Physics Research and Technology2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:In the opening chapter of An Introduction to Molecular Dynamics, the method of statistical geometry, based on the construction of a Voronoi polyhedral, is applied to the pattern recognition of atomic environments and to the investigation of the local order in molecular dynam...
作者:Liviu Warter
来源:[B].Business Issues, Competition and Entrepreneurship2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This monograph is focused on post-investment issues, particularly on intercultural synergy, and M&A performance.The M&A reasons are the result of globalization, of the need of growth and of achieving synergies. Most of the professionals consider that M&A is one of the most s...
作者:Mohamed Essa
来源:[B].Biochemistry Research Trends2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:Finding a simple and step-by-step procedure to conduct clinical biochemistry-related analyses is a real challenge for many undergraduate, graduate students, researchers and technicians in universities and laboratories. Moreover, understanding the theory of the experiment, which i...
作者:Ernest Clark
来源:[B].Month in Review2019Nova科学出版社
摘要:This book is a comprehensive compilation of all reports, testimony, correspondence and other publications issued by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) during the month of April, grouped according to topics. This book is focused on the following topics:· Finance· Gove...


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