Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Vivian Ho
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.19-28Annual Reviews
摘要:Regardless of what legislation the federal government adopts to address health insurance coverage for nonelderly Americans, private insurance will likely play a major role. This article begins by listing some of the major reasons critics dislike the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the...
作者:Ezim Ajufo , Daniel J. Rader
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.113-131Annual Reviews
摘要:Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a common genetic condition characterized by elevated plasma levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), premature atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and considerable unmet medical need with conventional LDL-C-lowering therapie...
作者:Joshua Donaldson , Ben Ho Park
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.223-234Annual Reviews
摘要:Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is a component of the “naked” DNA found in blood. It can be isolated from plasma and represents combined genetic material from the primary tumor and metastases. Quantitative and qualitative information about a cancer, including mutations, can be...
作者:Vivek Narayan , Bonnie Ky
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.97-111Annual Reviews
摘要:There is growing awareness of the overlap between oncologic and cardiovascular (CV) diseases, including a wide range of CV effects of anticancer therapies. As novel anticancer therapeutics become available and cancer survival outcomes improve, the CV implications of cancer therap...
作者:Mark McClellan , Mark Japinga
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.41-52Annual Reviews
摘要:The postelection efforts to repeal, replace, or modify the Affordable Care Act (ACA) suggest that the debate over healthcare coverage will remain contentious, particularly because of the high and rising cost of health care. Feasible, potentially bipartisan approaches to improving...
作者:Maria Monica Gramatges , Smita Bhatia
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.247-262Annual Reviews
摘要:Survivors of childhood cancer are at increased risk for therapy-related morbidities and mortality. Although the demographic and clinical factors predicting the risk for long-term effects of cancer therapy are well known, the impact of genetic risk for specific late effects is les...
作者:Olveen Carrasquillo , Michael Mueller
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.29-39Annual Reviews
摘要:The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was the most significant expansion of health coverage since Medicare and Medicaid were enacted. The law resulted in approximately 13–20 million uninsured persons gaining coverage. Despite these gains, the ACA has numerous shortcomings. For progr...
作者:Ephraim L. Tsalik , Robert A. Bonomo , Vance G. Fowler
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.379-394Annual Reviews
摘要:Recent advances in the field of infectious disease diagnostics have given rise to a number of host- and pathogen-centered diagnostic approaches. Most diagnostic approaches in contemporary infectious disease focus on pathogen detection and characterization. Host-focused diagnostic...
作者:Thomas Caskey
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.1-18Annual Reviews
摘要:Precision medicine was conceptualized on the strength of genomic sequence analysis. High-throughput functional metrics have enhanced sequence interpretation and clinical precision. These technologies include metabolomics, magnetic resonance imaging, and I rhythm (cardiac mon...
作者:Jessica J. Tao , Alison M. Schram , David M. Hyman
来源:[J].Annual Review of Medicine(IF 14.603), 2018, Vol.69, pp.319-331Annual Reviews
摘要:Understanding a tumor's detailed molecular profile has become increasingly necessary to deliver the standard of care for patients with advanced cancer. Innovations in both tumor genomic sequencing technology and the development of drugs that target molecular alterations have...


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