Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Amy Adamczyk , Yen-Chiao Liao
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.401-423Annual Reviews
摘要:Over the last three decades, many countries across the world, including the United States, have experienced major increases in support for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) individuals and related issues. In partial relation to these changes, multiple studies...
作者:James S. House
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.1-26Annual Reviews
摘要:For over 50 years I have been, and remain, an interdisciplinary social scientist seeking to develop and apply social science to improve the well-being of human individuals and social life. Sociology has been my disciplinary home for 48 of these years. As a researcher/scholar...
作者:Charles Kurzman
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.265-277Annual Reviews
摘要:The sociology of Islam arguably emerged in the fourteenth century with the work of Ibn Khaldun, but the term itself appeared first in 1931. In recent years, the field has expanded to encompass the study of all aspects of the social lives of the world's Muslims, who constitut...
作者:Ariane Ollier-Malaterre , Jerry A. Jacobs , Nancy P. Rothbard
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.425-447Annual Reviews
摘要:In this essay, we develop a framework for understanding the evolving relationships between technology, work, and family. We focus primarily on the temporal, spatial, and relational boundaries between work and family and the ways in which technology is changing boundary management...
作者:Lisa D. Pearce , Jeremy E. Uecker , Melinda Lundquist Denton
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.201-222Annual Reviews
摘要:This review discusses the state of theory and research on how and under what conditions religion shapes various adolescent outcomes such as health, education, sexual behavior, and substance use. We focus on the latest theoretical advancements with respect to the avenues through w...
作者:Benjamin Cornwell , Jonathan Gershuny , Oriel Sullivan
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.301-320Annual Reviews
摘要:Research on time use has seen several major developments in recent years. These include the adoption of exciting new technologies (e.g., smartphones, wearable Global Positioning System devices) that track behavior in real time, as well as a growing international database—the...
作者:Martha Crowley , Kevin Stainback
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.321-343Annual Reviews
摘要:The rise and expansion of large retail firms mark a significant shift in economic organization across communities in the United States. In this article, we describe this shift and discuss implications for local economic structure and community well-being. We present theoretical p...
作者:Ethan Fosse , Christopher Winship
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.467-492Annual Reviews
摘要:Age-period-cohort (APC) analysis has a long, controversial history in sociology and related fields. Despite the existence of hundreds, if not thousands, of articles and dozens of books, there is little agreement on how to adequately analyze APC data. This article begins with a br...
作者:Eileen M. Crimmins , Yuan S. Zhang
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.69-89Annual Reviews
摘要:Life expectancy has long been seen as an indicator of the quality of life as well as the health of a population. Recent trends in US life expectancy show growing inequality in life expectancy for some socioeconomic and geographic groupings but diminishing inequality by race and g...
作者:Mario Molina , Filiz Garip
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2019, Vol.45, pp.27-45Annual Reviews
摘要:Machine learning is a field at the intersection of statistics and computer science that uses algorithms to extract information and knowledge from data. Its applications increasingly find their way into economics, political science, and sociology. We offer a brief introduction to ...


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