Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Nicholas J. Croucher , Alessandra Løchen , Stephen D. Bentley
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.521-549Annual Reviews
摘要:Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) is a nasopharyngeal commensal and respiratory pathogen. Most isolates express a capsule, the species-wide diversity of which has been immunologically classified into ∼100 serotypes. Capsule polysaccharides have been combined into m...
作者:Volker Müller , Nilanjan Pal Chowdhury , Mirko Basen
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.331-353Annual Reviews
摘要:A decade ago, a novel mechanism to drive thermodynamically unfavorable redox reactions was discovered that is used in prokaryotes to drive endergonic electron transfer reactions by a direct coupling to an exergonic redox reaction in one soluble enzyme complex. This process i...
作者:Kevin S. Lang , Houra Merrikh
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.71-88Annual Reviews
摘要:Within the last decade, it has become clear that DNA replication and transcription are routinely in conflict with each other in growing cells. Much of the seminal work on this topic has been carried out in bacteria, specifically, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis; therefore,...
作者:Stephen K. Dolan , Martin Welch
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.309-330Annual Reviews
摘要:2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Krebs’ seminal paper on the glyoxylate shunt (and coincidentally, also the 80th anniversary of his discovery of the citric acid cycle). Sixty years on, we have witnessed substantial developments in our understanding of how flux is partition...
作者:Kyla S. Ost , June L. Round
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.399-422Annual Reviews
摘要:Mammalian immune systems evolved within a diverse world dominated by microbes, making interactions between these two life-forms inevitable. Adaptive immunity protects against microbes through antigen-specific responses. In classical studies, these responses were investigated in t...
作者:Susan Gottesman
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.i-iiAnnual Reviews
作者:Manoj T. Duraisingh , Kristen M. Skillman
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.355-375Annual Reviews
摘要:Eukaryotic pathogens must survive in different hosts, respond to changing environments, and exploit specialized niches to propagate. Plasmodium parasites cause human malaria during bloodstream infections, where they must persist long enough to be transmitted. Parasites have evolv...
作者:Heinz Feldmann , Friederike Feldmann , Andrea Marzi
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.423-446Annual Reviews
摘要:The West African Ebola virus (EBOV) epidemic has fast-tracked countermeasures for this rare, emerging zoonotic pathogen. Until 2013–2014, most EBOV vaccine candidates were stalled between the preclinical and clinical milestones on the path to licensure, because of funding pr...
作者:Xiaojun Tan , Lijun Sun , Jueqi Chen ...
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.447-478Annual Reviews
摘要:Microbial infections are recognized by the innate immune system through germline-encoded pattern recognition receptors (PRRs). As most microbial pathogens contain DNA and/or RNA during their life cycle, nucleic acid sensing has evolved as an essential strategy for host innate imm...
作者:Erin M. Langdon , Amy S. Gladfelter
来源:[J].Annual Review of Microbiology(IF 12.9), 2018, Vol.72, pp.255-271Annual Reviews
摘要:RNA localization mechanisms have been intensively studied and include localized protection of mRNA from degradation, diffusion-coupled local entrapment of mRNA, and directed transport of mRNAs along the cytoskeleton. While it is well understood how cells utilize these three mecha...


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