Annual Reviews期刊
作者:Richard Breen , Kristian Bernt Karlson , Anders Holm
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.39-54Annual Reviews
摘要:Methods textbooks in sociology and other social sciences routinely recommend the use of the logit or probit model when an outcome variable is binary, an ordered logit or ordered probit when it is ordinal, and a multinomial logit when it has more than two categories. But these met...
作者:Steven Ruggles , Catherine A. Fitch , Evan Roberts
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.19-37Annual Reviews
摘要:For the past 80 years, social scientists have been linking historical censuses across time to study economic and geographic mobility. In recent decades, the quantity of historical census record linkage has exploded, owing largely to the advent of new machine-readable data created...
作者:Marie-Laure Djelic , Sigrid Quack
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.123-143Annual Reviews
摘要:In the twenty-first century, global business regulation has come of age. In this article, we review the literature on globalization and business regulation from the angle of transnational governance, a recently evolving interdisciplinary field of research. Despite the multiplicit...
作者:Wei-Jun Jean Yeung , Sonalde Desai, , Gavin W. Jones
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.469-495Annual Reviews
摘要:Southeast and South Asia are home to one-third of the world's population. Their great economic and cultural diversity makes generalization about family patterns and trends hazardous. We review literature on trends in fertility, marriage, divorce, and living arrangements in t...
作者:Elizabeth A. Armstrong , Miriam Gleckman-Krut , Lanora Johnson
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.99-122Annual Reviews
摘要:Sexual violence reproduces inequalities of gender, race/ethnicity, class, age, sexuality, ability status, citizenship status, and nationality. Yet its study has been relegated to the margins of our discipline, with consequences for knowledge about the reproduction of social ...
作者:David Scott FitzGerald , Rawan Arar
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.387-406Annual Reviews
摘要:Theorization in the sociology of migration and the field of refugee studies has been retarded by a path-dependent division that we argue should be broken down by greater mutual engagement. Excavating the construction of the refugee category reveals how unwarranted assumption...
作者:Emmanuel Didier
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.515-534Annual Reviews
摘要:Information policing seems to be pervading public security police all around the world. This review asks whether this appellation describes a homogeneous set of phenomena. Compstat was the first program to massively computerize policing. The literature reviewed here follows ...
作者:Orlando Patterson , Xiaolin Zhuo
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.407-439Annual Reviews
摘要:The claim that there has been a remarkable revival of slavery, other forms of forced labor, and human trafficking in our times has inspired widespread activism and a vast body of popular and academic works. Although the conflation of terms, exaggerated empirical claims, and ...
作者:Dan Wang , Alessandro Piazza , Sarah A. Soule
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.167-187Annual Reviews
摘要:Social movement scholarship has increasingly sought to understand the relational dynamics of internal movement activity, from investigating the factors that enable movement coalitions to analyzing the trade-offs of organizational hybridity. We bring these and other related phenom...
作者:Jane Menken
来源:[J].Annual Review of Sociology, 2018, Vol.44, pp.1-17Annual Reviews
摘要:I greatly appreciate this opportunity to reflect on my career. Looking back over five decades of involvement in demographic and sociological scholarship, I have tried to say a bit about my personal life and my work—from developing mathematical models of fertility early on, t...


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